Let us inspire you

There are many reasons to hire Zefram.

Predictable outbound

A common problem for humans is that our excitement and habits tend to erode over time – unless constantly nourished. A predictable flow of activities requires a significant amount of continuous, inspiring leadership.

For a company, predictable outbound activities mean predictable revenue and higher value.

Zefram lets you define your target market, bring in your value proposition, and turn the switch. Finally, you have a solid cornerstone to stand on, and you can be sure that good things happen daily.

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High-quality arguments

It’s easy to spot a good argument or to refine an already-written one, but crafting a new one on a blank paper is another story. It takes research, time and courage.

You can build arguments on known things. For humans, what is known is limited by the time we can spend researching. And even if we know everything, the quality of our arguments is determined by our writing skills and the time we can put into writing.

What if we could spend all the time we need for every prospect we ever decided to contact? What if we could then become a craftsman whose life mission is to put into words the connection between demand and supply uniquely for each prospect?

That’s pretty much what Zefram does.


Skilled salespeople are excellent at finding prospects and contacts, researching companies, building arguments, and crafting messages. They even update the CRM. But even they only have 24 hours a day.

Luckily, time is a non-issue for Zefram. It constantly follows the market and enriches its database with fresh company data. It builds arguments automatically based on everything it knows. And yes, it even keeps your CRM up to date.

Let humans flourish where they do best.

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Expand market

Many companies offer products and services that have a global need. Usually, the biggest reason for not selling services outside the home market is that it seems laborious and difficult.

Zefram gives you the power to target completely new markets quickly. The database contains millions of companies, and the core functionalities are not limited to any language.